We offer services for any type of event that can be filmed and broadcast, from music gigs, to charity events, to corporate webinars. Here's a few more examples to give you an idea: Educational Events, Musical Performances, Festivals, Theatrical Productions, Dance Recitals, Fashion Shows and Sporting events.


REACH THE WORLD! Broadcast your live events on to the internet! Live internet broadcasting is a great way for businesses or organization to expand their audience to an unlimited capacity. We offer a complete production service package, options include a one camera broadcast, or two or more camera's to switch from for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Each package includes experienced audio/video technicians. You can also choose to add a video spokesperson for announcements or interviews during your event. Choose a private, or public stream. And, last but not least, satisfy your sponsors and include a variety of commercials when it is needed. Contact us today with further inquires.


If you are not equipped with a video/audio system in your venue and would like us to custom design and install equipment that will meet your needs, contact our technical staff today for a free consultation.

If you are already equipped with video/audio equipment and you are looking for a platform to broadcast your events but would like some experienced technicians' practical advice consider the experts at The Unity Network. As both Audio/Visual consultants and professional system integrators, we offer the services for set-up, in-house design expertise and the channel to broadcast at very affordable prices.

RECORDING - Logging and Capturing Event to digital media

Film and capture your event for archiving and demo purposes later. Contact us for editing information.


During your broadcast you have the option to create visual backdrops for your staging requirements, and project the performance to screen for viewing enhancement.


Coming soon to the website you will be able to have your very own sub-domain LIVE broadcasting channel!

Inquire within for more information, Contact us The Unity Network today